Radam Schwartz has built his reputation over the last 25 years playing with such great musicians as Arthur and Red Prysock, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Al Hibler, and Jimmy Ford. He continues to make music history today playing with renowned artists Cecil Brooks III, Russell Malone, and David Fathead Newman. Radam's own band, Conspiracy for Positivity, offers a fresh, original jazz sound and brings youth and experience to the bandstand. The musicians include Radam on organ, James Gibbs on trumpet, Tyshawn Sorey,Luciana Padmore, or Joe Brown on drums, Misha Fatkiev or Shawn Maloney on guitar, Anthony Ware or Irwin Hall on alto saxophone, and James Stewart on baritone sax. Their first recording, released on Blue Ark Records, was played on over 200 radio stations nationally, and was on the national charts for 14 weeks (peaking at #15 on Jan 29, 2006). The Soul Jazz Spectrum named this CD the #6 Soul Jazz record of the year. Arabesque Records then released the second Conspiracy recording entitled Magic Tales. On the week of December 10,2007 it was #11 on the national Jazzweek chart. This recording can be purchased online from the Arabesque Records website or at Amazon, or downloaded from eMusic.com, or from Radam on gigs. In March,2009, Savant Records released Blues Citizens with Bruce William, Bill Saxton, Eric Johnson , Cecil Brooks III, and rapper Kice. This recording reached #9 on the Jazzweek charts. Radam received composer awards from Sesac in 2007 and 2009 for these recordings. In August of 2010 Arabesque Records released another Radam Schwartz and Conspiracy for Positivity recording. This one is entitled "Songs for the Soul" and features vocalist Miles Griffith and background singers in the style that has come to be known as vocaleese. The combination of this vocal style and the organ groove is unique. This CD features some of Radam's vocal compositions with lyrics by Marcelino Feliciano, plus some re-working of standards such as All Blues, Darn That Dream and some pop-tunes such as Crazy Love and Golden redone in organ style.

Radam has worked consistently to maintain the strong live traditions of the music as well as bridge the gap between the generations. Since 1986, he has been hosting the Tuesday Night Jazz Jam, beginning at the famous Peppermind Lounge in Orange, NJ, and in 1997 when the Mint closed its doors, moving to the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. Renowned musicians and novices alike followed the Jam trio of Radam Schwartz on organ, Geary Moore on guitar, and Don Williams on drums. Over the years, famous musicians like Etta Jones, Rhoda Scott, Jimmy McGriff, and Roy Ayers have all enjoyed playing at the Jazz Jam. George Benson was quoted in the Star-Ledger as saying he goes to the Jam sessions just because he loves to play music with Radam.

In addition to forging a career as an organist and pianist, Radam has committed over 15 years to Jazz education. As musical director of the Jazz Institute of New Jersey, he directs the youth ensemble and teaches improvisation to young musicians from 8 to 19 years old. Many of Radam's students have themselves gone on to play with luminaries such as Herbie Hancock, Betty Carter, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Maria Schneider Orchestra, T.S. Monk, and more.

Radam's prolific career has led to many successful recordings. His own Organized(Muse Records) was mentioned in the B3 Bible as one of the essential organ records of all time. He also has been featured on Cecil Brooks III and the CBIII band, For Those Who Love to Groove(Savant Recurds); Our Day Will Come with the Tommy Gryce Trio(Blue Lady Records); The Lenny Roberts Quartet, Keepin' it on the D.L.; Jazz at Crossroads; and Russell Gunn's Mood Swings(Highnote Records). One of his most recent endeavors include the debut recording of the Brooklyn Soul Organization(M&N Records), featuring Radam on organ, Brad Leali on alto sax, Grant Langford on tenor sax, and Jerome Jennings on drums.

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