About the release of Brooklyn Soul Organization (M&N Records)
"It is obvious these four are experienced and adept at carrying on the tradition begun by Jimmy Smith, Big John Patton, Horace Silver and Cannonball Adderly. ... It is immediately obvious that each of these musicians is blessed with the necessary skills, good intonation and tone, and reverence for tradition."
--Jazz Improv (July 2005)

At Showman's Club Manhattan
"An important element of the Showman's experience is the house Hammond B3 organ... When played by a master like the great Jack McDuff, the HB3 has no peers... Radam Schwartz is well on his way to proving he is such a master."
--Amsterdam News (2003)

The CBIII Band at the Berrie Center at Ramapo College
"The CBIII band was snappy, tight and hard-swinging, with crisp ensembles and concise, driving solos. Schwartz' B3 sound churned, chugged and steam-rolled along like a locomotive powering the band in tandem with Brooks' in-the-groove beats."
--The Star-Ledger (2000)

About the release of For Those Who Love to Groove (Cecil Brooks)
"Organist Radam Schwartz keeps the eight-year-old quintet steeply grounded in soul jazz... He insulates Riley Mullins' taut, muted trumpet melody with thick chords that smolder like humid air over a delta evening. Both he and [drummer] Brooks often ground the proceedings with interlocking rhythms that sometimes recall organist Charles Earland's heyday..."
--Jazz Times (2000)

"Organist Radam Schwartz is a marvel, a total workhorse carrying the bassline, comping, filling up holes and contributing good solos when called upon..."
--Cadence (2000)

About the release of Organ-ized (Muse Records)
"This is a no-nonsense, well-programmed album, with Schwartz providing the grooves as well as some groovy soul jazz organ solos of his own. He even contributes a couple of challenging originals that extend the soul jazz tradition without breaking it."
--The Star-Ledger (1995)

"Yet another new name for the growing army of Hammond organ fans to add to their list. Schwartz plays with an authentic groovy bite."
--The Observer (1995)

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